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SER Logistics Ltd. was formed from a dedicated team of specialists prepared to go that ‘Extra Mile' to ensure each job is carried out within the agreed time-frame and budget.
Our team has accumulated over 30 years experience working within the Hotel and Leisure industry throughout the UK and Europe.

We pride ourselves on our professional approach to each project ensuring complete honesty and integrity.

Our 22000 sq ft warehouse has a sophisticated stock control system enabling real time traceability on all lines stored on behalf of Hotel Groups.

Please contact us with your requirements.

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This mixer is perfectly suited to many applications requiring simple mix facilities . It really comes into its own during computer based recording . Leads not available .

£45 +VAT

Used soundcraft mixer
| Ref #: e3682d05118f
Bring out the Muso in you , I lived in Australia so my excuse for that one. Audio Mixer features include the following . Good Condition. Leads not available .

£40 +VAT

Sound mixer for sale
| Ref #: 21f208acabab
You too can pretend you’re Eno , well am sure his Moog was huge , with this keyboard and stand . Portable keyboard with…….

£35 +VAT

Used yamaha keyboard for sale
| Ref #: 469f784f80dd
People always seem to like these wingbacks, maybe because everyone seems to snooze off in them. All you need is a nice reading lamp, book and a bottle of lash and you wont be moving from these chairs.

£45 +VAT

10x Wingback Chairs (CODE CH235)
| Ref #: b36a9a635ad2
Burgess bronzed metal stacking chairs with a green based fabric with gold flecks .
The ones you always see at weddings basically .
Get bottoms on seats , feed them then stack away . Wedding done .

£15 +VAT

Stacking chairs for sale
| Ref #: 1d73682a1855
Great opportunity to have an industrial style chaise / sofa in your office or warehouse apartment. Finished in a brown velour with 2, 5 star metal legs giving good balance and the industrial feel. Aerodynamically designed at the back to give quite a spacey feel. Now get your polished concrete floor, Palette coffee table and minimal anything else, voila, you have the look. Maybe grow a beard and wear a check shirt.

£295 £250 +VAT

Used sofa
| Ref #: 5f27ab65c761
Really beautiful leather swivel chairs. Ideal for that desk or, as some people do, as dining chairs - think outside the box folks. The leather is in a striking ruby red with the frame work in solid wood that elegantly curves around the seat. Set on a black metal swivel base. Will bring out the PM Theresa May in you or Donald Trump, oops meant President…..

£55 £45 +VAT

Red Leather Morgan Swivel Chairs x 10
| Ref #: 69e1218231d1
Perfect for hotels, reception areas, surgeries etc.
Do away those unsightly piles of magazines and a top to display no less. Solid wood thus very stable. If anyone’s interested Venue magazine is an Australian industry magazine concerning bar interiors etc. Choose your covers carefully.

£75 £25 +VAT

Magazine Stack Console x 15
| Ref #: 0db7c641c5c0
Impressive hotel back-bar with a length of 4m , by IMC Bartender. Incorporating , sinks , shelving and all in easy to clean stainless steel . You can purchase at the price quoted , but , if you need to have our team take it out for you the price would be £1,250 + VAT

£750 +VAT

Back bar for sale
| Ref #: 5bfa64f14079
Traditional lockers . Ideal for offices , sports facilities , schools , well the list goes on . All of the lockers have keys , quite handy really . We can offer these lockers at this great price because we require that you pick them up at this central London hotel yourself .

£20 +VAT

Traditional lockers for sale
| Ref #: 6db21973bb41
Large stainless steel buffet servery .
Tray rail at front and top has self- serve area .
This item is competitively priced because it would have to be picked up from the Central London hotel by the purchaser .

£500 +VAT

Large Stainless Steel Buffet Servery
| Ref #: c86eb16d1bce

11x Café Tables - London

Price: £40 +VAT
Cafe tables for sale
8x Rectangular, 3x Circular
Fixed seat / table canteen furniture . In two shapes , being rectangular and circular . Ergonomically shaped blue moulded plastic seating . Realistically priced and would have to be picked up from the hotel in Central London by the purchaser .

£40 +VAT

Cafe tables for sale
| Ref #: 2756f0d75535
Bit fancy these. A kind of cross between an urn and something mansion grand. Made up of composite materials. Topped off nicely with a finial. Shown in a bedroom but really ideal in a more drawing room setting etc.

£45 +VAT

Vintage table lamp
| Ref #: 6b27c0eb5d5d

10x Classic Bedroom Set - London

Price: £200 +VAT
Bedroom set
Quite classical in it’s style the bedroom sets comprise of the following. Bedside cabinets. Desk + chair. Wingback chairs. Glass occasional table. Headboard. Mirror. Bedside lamps. Mattress + Divan. Carpet. Artwork.

£200 +VAT

Bedroom set
| Ref #: 18122bc9d751
Ooooooooo, very The Shining. Deep coloured rather impressive hallway carpeting . The lines giving that perspective that makes your corridors look endless . Am sure your carpet fitter will be able to cut perfectly into your space . Now , look out for a kid on a tricycle, a pair of twins ,
Oh, and maybe a grinning guy with an axe.

£250 +VAT

Hallway carpeting for sale
| Ref #: 42119a5e3992

Servery (CODE KIT034) - London

Price: £250 +VAT
Curved server counter for sale
FANTASTIC PRICE AND OPPORTUNITY .. This large solid , curved servery with a granite top , heated base , chiller and heated gantry is up for a steal . It’s in Central London and is available at this price if you actually remove it from the Hotel yourself . Thus I think you should start thinking builders , planners and where am I going to put this bargain in my establishment .

£250 +VAT

Curved server counter for sale
| Ref #: 32946d85ee50
Well that got your attention didn’t it . Basically very simple tables that require a cloth so stop your Carry On innuendos . Really ideal for two people but , being square , perfect for placing together to give you the option of multiple occupancy bottoms -on-seats . See , can’t get the Carry On out of me yet .

£35 +VAT

Used restaurant tables for sale
| Ref #: 7c84be150b00
Could be placed together as seen in the image or opposite each other flush against a wall as in a diner . Very simple design in a light wood with contrasting fabric cushioning . Nice for that little bit of special intimacy away from the massed dining hoards and the individuals who watch your every mouthful enviously because they ordered the wrong dish . Gawd , I ranted , Banquette seating plain and simple.

£105 +VAT

Banquette seating for sale
| Ref #: 3def4b1d0a16
Kind of makes me think of intergalactic Minions . Set that image aside , rather plush and comfortable deep , fabric , seated and chrome bar stools . Awaiting your presence to order that cocktail at the bar . Really could be used in a commercial setting or at a home bar or breakfast bar .

£75 +VAT

Bar stools for sale
| Ref #: 369e2a369ac0
Actually my waiter was very intelligent with a Masters in Ancient Persian Languages . I’m spibbling . These units are constructed in a wooden frame with a granite top , containing 16 useful drawers for your maitre d’ bit n’ bobs . With all those drawers , which are great , don’t understand why you’re so untidy .

£125 +VAT

Used dumb waiters for sale
| Ref #: 8e9008d394e4
Warm in colour , pale wood and a nice fabric altogether a comfortable dining experience awaits . Now ready to deep fry your M**s Bar , joking . Mind , you could pick up that paper napkin on the floor before you leave , looks like you left in a hurry to me .

£35 +VAT

Tartan dining chairs for sale
| Ref #: 723df983fd81
These have that retro feel , twisting 50’s with 70’s , but that back that is still totally on trend , rectangular curve , very Chelsea Harbour darlings . A mixture of solid wood and fabric , in the right fashionable setting these chairs are going to look totally up-to-date . Now up to you to invite your friends from Made in Chelsea round and serve them a nice caviar sandwich .

£40 +VAT

Dotty dining chairs for sale
| Ref #: 7ecd04f509a3
Shiny , shiny , shiny . Good quality chrome rails with that 30’s twist to their design . Wall attached and with their simple design never going to go out of fashion . Ready for you to neatly fold your classic white towel over the bar or contrast with a bold primary colour .

£70 +VAT

Used towel rails for sale
| Ref #: 5d46ae9855f4
Rather imposing Williams double-door stainless steel fridge.
Internally has 9 shelves and easy clean stainless interior.
Set on easy move industrial wheels.
Rather good condition and have seen many similar going for £700.
Ideal for extra storage over Christmas.

£450 +VAT

Williams HJ2SA Double Fridge
| Ref #: beb0fedb35a1
Simple black vase shaped lamp bases set on a metal base.
Rather striking in their simplicity and neutral enough to be able to dress the table with your bits n bobs creating an interestingly lit space , the lamp adding to the whole.
Here we go stylist terms coming to the front.
Dimensions Height 44cm

£8 +VAT

Ceramic lamp bases
| Ref #: 143d6632d203
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