2x Original Antique Bedroom Fireplace - Cheshire


This matching pair of Bedroom Fireplaces have been fully restored which includes stripping, buffing, and blacking with Stovax grate polish. They were then buffed up to a beautiful shiny finish which highlights all the detail. On display with a slate hearth (not included in price) which can be sized to fit.

Height: 38.5 inches
Body Width: 30 inches
Opening: 14 inches
Mantel Width: 36 inches

Other measurements are available upon request.


– Can be used with Solid Fuel (wood burning etc), which will require a specialized Hearth due to regulations. For this use we advice you to also select the Ashpan & Solid Fuel grate on the ‘optional addons‘ above.

– Can be used with a Gas Effect, which will require a Gas Burner Tray and a specialized Hearth. For this use we advice you to also select one of the Gass Fire Effects on the ‘optional addons‘ above.

– Can be used as just Decoration, as is.

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Price: £550.40 +VAT
Quantity: 2 — Price is per unit
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