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2x Grease Guzzler - West Sussex


Grease Guzzler is a Bioreactor Biological system, which is a patented unit that pre-activates Bacteria with Nutrient.

Grease Guzzler was invented in 1992 by Ivan Yates, and has been successfully researched in many countries, to biodegrade FOG's in Grease Management systems. It maintains drains Fat free by building up a Biofilm inside the pipework for any size, length and distance. It prevents a build up of FOG's inside the pipework, making the distance that a Grease Trap can be situated, more optional.

Unlike any other liquid biological dosing method, it grows the Bacterial strains with a nutrient for several hours, improving the strength of the Biological solution compared to peristaltic systems which do not have same ability to match this system. Dosing rates are grown to 300-400 times its competitors, hence guaranteeing, biodegradtaion takes place. This sytem does not emulsify grease, and Design requires that a Grease Interceptor allows for 1 days DWF.

There is no need for regular cleanouts, as the system maintains FOG's at a level below Discharge Requirements and build up rate is reduced dramatically.

It is automatic, and needs very little maintenmance as the system uses a concentrated formula that allows for small amounts to be incubated into larger volumes of pre heated water inside the machine. 5 litres can last up to 6 months, compared to drums being placed on the ground with the peristaltic pump systems.

Grease Guzzler has now new formula surpassing all expectations, and is the #1 in Bio Reactor systems for Biodegradtaion of FOG's from Commercial kitchens.

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