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2x CookTec MWDG3000 Drop-In Wok 9Single Phase) - West Sussex


The classic CookTek MWDG series drop-in wok offers outstanding performance and value for your money. Designed and built in the USA to survive and thrive in the world’s toughest commercial foodservice operating environments, these CookTek induction woks feature simple single knob control and many other benefits for more precise, consistent and quality cooking. Available at AppliancesConnection


Drop-in design with stainless steel top, aluminum housing and control box, heavy duty electronic components, and specially engineered, high-impact, high-temperature recessed glass-ceramic wok bowl designed for use in commercial kitchens

Pan Maximizer feature and an induction coil that surrounds glass-ceramic bowl allow for maximum heating of induction compatible wok pans

Control knob for ease of use and automatic power control - Equipped with 20 power cook settings

Microprocessor monitors vital components 120 times per second to check for overheating, power supply problems, and more. Wok unit shuts off and displays error codes enabling user to diagnose and correct minor problems

LED display for precise user feedback

Automatic pan detection allows for instant energy transmission to pan, and almost no energy consumption when pan is not present

Automatic shut-off feature prohibits overheating - Drop-in wok units and control boxes engineered and designed for easy installation

Easy to clean glass-ceramic bowl - Integral fan keeps internal electronics cool


0-20 Power settings - Simple, familiar-feel control via single rotary knob - Crisp, clean red LED display shows power level.

Faster than gas. Induction heats the pan, not the air or the unit itself - Safer. No flames, hot coil or other radiant heat source.

Cleaner. Because the surface remains cool, spills don’t burn on.
Cooler. No flame or radiant heat means a much cooler cooking environment.
Cheaper. Induction cooking is over 90% efficient. Heat the food, not the kitchen!

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Price: £695 inc. VAT each
Quantity: 2 — Price is per unit
Ref#: E790D4E7525A

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