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This vintage metal filing cabinet is a must-have for any collector of antique furniture. The cabinet features a beautiful green colour and is made by the renowned brand Armstrong Vickers. Its sturdy build is perfect for storing your valuable documents and files. The cabinet is ideal for those who appreciate the vintage charm of metal furniture. Its unique design and build quality make it a statement piece that will add character to any room. The cabinet is perfect for those who are looking for a statement piece that will add character to their home or office.
These filing cabinets are from the 50s and have been in the one spot since new, great condition for their age.
Used daily since the 50s and working perfectly, office closing.

£150 VAT Free

Upgrade your office with the Senator HD 415A chairs, designed for ultimate comfort and support during long work hours.
These chairs are not just stylish, but also practical, Invest in your work environment and productivity with the Senator HD 415A chairs, the perfect solution for anyone seeking a comfortable and functional seating option.

£50 VAT Free each

| Quantity: 10
Here is a 50s Triang Rocking Horse and Trian Scooter, in right condition for the age.
Fun things to own and have not been touched since the 50s ,they have been hanging in a garage since.

£150 VAT Free

| Quantity: 2
This vintage cabinet is a true gem for any antique furniture collector. With its beautiful beech colour and intricate drawings, it is sure to catch anyone's eye. Measuring 80 cm in height, 95 cm in length, and 120 cm in width, it is the perfect size for any room. The drawers add a touch of practicality to its design, making it both functional and stylish. Made of high-quality wood, this antique piece is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the beauty of vintage furniture.
The look on this item has to be seen to be appreciated. The right condition for all the years of use. Drawers open and close perfectly.
Circa 1940s
Just a great piece. Ex Raf offices.

£300 VAT Free

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