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Revox Type A77 Reel to Reel - Buckinghamshire


Vintage Revox Type A77 Mk1 Open reel to reel tape deck - high fidelity

Made in Switzerland by Will Struder
Heavy item in working order I believe.

Welcome to test before buying but would need to bring reels.


Built from 1967 - 1977

The Revox A77 is still one of the most widely used semi-professional analog tape machines. Worldwide, about 450000 devices were built in innumerable variations.
The device is considered particularly robust and service-friendly. The professional design, with three motors and three sound heads, was well received not only in home use, but was also used by many small recording studios and broadcasters.

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Willi Studer and his Revox tape recorder have gained an en enthusiast following reminiscent of the veteran car era and such names as Bugatti, Bentley and Duisenberg. His machines have been characterised by their advanced design, precision engineering and by their clean dynamic sound; the result of low distortion and wide frequency response.

The first machines, designated T26 ware made in 1949. Many still operate today and are already valued as collector's items - a distinction that few electronic products can claim. The T26 continued until 1955 when the 36 series was introduced, and with it the international recognition of Revox as the tape recordist's recorder.

As production increased, so new marked areas could be supplied and by 1967 distribution was functioning on a worldwide basis. However, even with fife factories Revox has barely adequate production and marketing has to remain restrained or demand would soon outstrip the production capability which is dependent on skilled craftsmen. The Revox is still largely handmade.

Parallel with the development of the Revox line, the Studer range of machines was created for broadcasting and master recording purposes. Studer machines are now used almost exclusively throughout Europe in the respective fields of studio work and are known as the standard by which others are judged.
(From a Revox brochure - 1972)

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Milton Keynes

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Price: £500 £400 VAT Free
Ref#: 940A5467C9B9

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