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Red Hot Chilli - Cheshire

Located in Warrington, Cheshire


Contact Robert or Liz on 01925 242623 or email red.hotchilli@outlook.com
This stainless steel table features a two tier gantry and one shelf making it perfect for any kitchen.

£150 +VAT

This extractor canopy has been fabricated from quality stainless steel. This is a must have kitchen item for any busy kitchen. This unit does not come with motors etc.

£350 +VAT

This single induction hob from Zyco is perfect for frequent, professional use in a busy catering environment. The Stainless steel construction with glass hob makes this product durable and easy to clean down. The hob has a high heat output and features both timer & multi-level temperature control settings. Additionally the LED display, indication lights and on/off toggle switch neatly cased into the product for easy cleaning.

£95 +VAT

This stainless steel heated shelving has two shelves with three heated lights at the top to ensure all volumes of food are kept at the perfect serving temperature. It also features a ticket holder to display new orders ensuring your busy kitchen runs smoothly.

£195 +VAT

A quality convection oven by popular manufacturer Blue Seal is capable of use within the most demanding of kitchens. It features a roast & hold setting, steam setting and bake timer. This fan assisted oven comes complete with two shelves and has internal lighting which enables you to check the items throughout the cooking process.

£495 +VAT

If you need to steam bulk quantities of short or long grain rice, look no further than the Buffalo 6 litre commercial rice cooker. Designed for performance, efficiency and reliability, the cooker quickly creates deliciously fluffy rice and then keeps it warm and ready to serve for extended periods. The rice cooker is exceptionally easy to use. Simply add up to six litres of uncooked rice to the non-stick bowl. Then, add the water, close the lid and switch on. Within no time, you have up to 13 litres of rice (around 52x 250ml servings) ready to go making it perfect for takeaways, restaurants, food courts and more.

£75 +VAT

A top performing freezer by Foster will provide plenty frozen storage space your business needs. It features an easy read microprocessor controller which provides simple and accurate temperature control. The freezer also has fan assisted cooling which ensures even air distribution throughout the freezer. Additionally the freezer comes complete with three shelves and is in excellent condition.

£450 +VAT

Make food prep effortless with this Infrico two door prep fridge with integrated saladette and small door. This prep fridge maximises on possible storage space for all your chilled products and features forced air cooling which ensures items are kept at the optimum temperature and comes complete with one shelf per door. The saladette can accommodate up to 9 1/3GN containers.

£850 +VAT

Offering unrivalled versatility, The Panther Super Pass Hot Cupboard is built for high demanding environments, with multiple hot holding functions in one mobile unit. The Super Pass incudes a Carter Hoffmann Crisp ‘N Hold for holding chips and breaded products such as chicken nuggets, 2 x 1/1GN bain marie for hot holding sauces, soups gravy and precooked foods and 2x water tanks, suitable for boiling vegetables and pasta. With three tier heated gantries, the Super Pass is fully 1/1GN compatible accommodating 61/1 gastronorms and comes with a thermostatically controlled bain marie. It’s ideal for restaurants, hospitals or schools.

£3500 +VAT

This quality twin deck pizza oven by Zanolli is capable of cooking up to 6 x 13” pizzas or 6 x 12” on each deck .The oven is built entirely from stainless steel with armour plated elements which power up near to the door to compensate for heat loss and ensure even heat distribution . The baking floor is made from thick, heat absorbent, refractory stone which is suitable to bake with either pans or directly on the stone. The two completely independent decks are controlled by an electronic thermostat and variable top and bottom heat controls and have spring mounted doors for easy access and are equipped with heat resistant handles. The large viewing window combined with internal lights to help monitor cooking ensuring your customers pizzas are cooked perfectly every time.

£3500 +VAT

An exceptional product by Valentine this top performing twin tank fryer is perfect for the most demanding of food service locations. During quieter periods one half of the fryer can be turned off to help conserve energy consumption which helps you to reduce oil costs. This top quality fryer is able to filter and pump oil back into the tanks which prolongs the oils life reducing costs without sacrificing on quality of the items fried. This is an outstanding product in great condition and is a fine example of a valentine fryer at its absolute best.

£1750 +VAT

Make the most of your available space with this new unboxed Gram under counter fridge. The fridge features three shelves giving you flexibility to arrange the contents for ample storage space. The whole unit is designed to be easy to clean and maintain, while the fridge also displays an accurate, user-friendly digital temperature controls and display, perfect for any busy restaurant. The fridge comes wrapped and has never been used and also comes with the keys to lock the door.

£380 +VAT

This Gamko Maxiglass double door upright bottle cooler is ideal for keeping bottles of drinks cold within any busy bars, pubs hotels, restaurants and anywhere else that serves cold drinks. The bottle cooler features an electronic thermostat, internal illumination, automatic defrost, exchangeable magnetic gaskets and 25mm polystyrene insulation. The attractive stainless steel finish with half frosted glass will ensure this bottle cooler will complement any interior.

£750 +VAT

A quality bottle cooler by Gamko features a digital thermostat and automatic defrost. The bottle cooler also comes fully complete with two shelves and interior lighting ensuring products are displayed effectively to increase sales.

£395 +VAT

Limited kitchen space needn’t hamper your ability to provide your customers with high quality foods cooked to perfection within this superb Lincat Oven. The oven comes with a numerous features all of which are designed to ensure the highest standard of food and efficiency within your business. These features includes; individual programming of at least 100 cooking programs with up to 6 steps transferable via USB, mode selector for cooking modes, separate controls for temperature, core temperature and time settings, high-performance fresh steam generator, digital temperature display, probe for core temperature measurement and 5 programmable fan speeds all of which helps to ensure all your meals are cooked to perfection time and time again.

£1495 +VAT

This Gamko Maxiglass double door upright bottle cooler is ideal for keeping bottles of drinks cold within any busy bars, pubs hotels, restaurants and anywhere else what serves cold drinks. The bottle cooler features an electronic thermostat, internal illumination, automatic defrost, exchangeable magnetic gaskets and 25mm polystyrene insulation.

£750 +VAT

Ensure your customers have perfect drinks with this top quality ice machine by leading manufacturer Hoshizaki. This self-contained cube ice maker uses Natural Refrigerant R290 which is environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Each ice cycle is made with fresh water, ensuring only the highest quality of ice. The large ice cubes melt slowly prolonging the drink quality. The ice machine produces crystal clear cubed which makes it perfect for use within premium beverages like cocktails, as it protects the integrity and flavour of the drink.

£1495 +VAT

This smart ice cream freezer features a large storage capacity and easy to move sliding glass lids to allow your products to be on display and customers to access ice creams with ease.

£150 +VAT

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