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HFA Removals

£895 inc. VAT

1940's R.A.F Desk
At vics classic art I take vehicle parts and fabricate them into furniture and garden sculptures
I have been making automotive art for years and long before it became trendy
There are people out there that copy things they see on TV or in magazines, all my work is bespoke
If you would like something fabricated please contact me


Reclaimed, Repurposed, Bespoke and One Off Commisions
Porsche standard light that can separated into a desk lamp if desired
Made from mainly 944 engine parts
LED bulbs and wires run through the distributor and HT leads
Very heavy so have a good floor

£1250 VAT Free ono

Repurposed Porsche Standard Light / Desk Light
Vintage fire extinguisher that has been fabricated into a candle holder
A fire within the vessel to put it out
A steam punk lamp fabricated from vehicle parts
Talking point of a room

£350 VAT Free ono each

Vintage fire extinguisher and steam punk lamp
| Quantity: 2
Genuine Vulcan bomber swivel navigator seat
Removed in the 1980s from XM574
Stripped and vapour blasted back to its raw material of magnesium and duralumin
Trimmed in tan leather and new solid brass caster wheels fitted so it rolls along the floor
Ideal office or gaming chair
You will never find another one of these!

£8000 VAT Free ono

Repurposed Genuine Vulcan bomber swivel navigator seat

£445 inc. VAT each

2x Industrial Benches
| Quantity: 2
An original and unique 19th Century Blackboard Towel Rail, specially hand made through ‘upcycling’ old timber and parts of a chalkboard.

£62 +VAT

19th Century Blackboard Towel Rail

£395 inc. VAT

Bottle Chandelier by Old Iron
HFA Removals
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