1930 Edwardian - A Refurbishment Of A 1930 Exterior Door - Cheshire


A 1930's exterior door which has been fully restored after it was stripped.

The end result is superb and it included a hand made stained glass panel from our range (Seen on stained glass panel)

When you see a door like this - you have to remember that only the very basic carcus of the door is any good - almost everything else has been renovated which is time consuming.

Price wise for the basic restoration compares to having a ' new modern door fitted which is priced generally around £250 - £300, and fitting around £ 150 - however this is with no glass and the door itself is just a bog standard b&q door or wickes type of door with no characteur and will not last long ie, not seasoned timber

this renovation was around £ 600 - to replace it with similar would be around £ 750 plus the fitting again around £ 150 so the comparison is £ 600 ish to £ 900 ish 2/3rd of the price - however now a fantastic and long lasting renovated door with a new hand made panel of stained glass

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